Sound of the Ridge

Outdoor Stage


Butte County Scottish Society

Celtic Bagpipes, Drums & Vocals


  11:45 am

Irish Kilts

John-Michael Sun

& Susan Dobra

Acoustic Original Songs

12:00 -   

  1:00 pm

jms susan.jpg

Anne Phalen

(w/ Mark McKinnon)

Acoustic Original Songs

1:15 -

  1:45 pm


Ha’Penny Bridge

Original Celtic Songs

2:00 -

   3:00 pm


The Apologetiks

Acoustic Music

3:15 -

  4:15 pm


The Paper Hats

Acoustic Original Songs

4:30 -

  5:30 pm

David Leon Zink

Acoustic Original Songs

5:45 -

  6:45 pm


Visionary Hall

Main Hall

Guided Meditation

  with Susan Dobra

11:30 -

  11:40 am

Susan Dobra will lead a guided meditation that takes participants through a process of visualizing their connectedness as a community in the same way a forest is interconnected.


   with Debbie Gagne

11:40 -

  12:30 pm

Beloved Paradise local Debbie Gagne will guide us as we loosen, energize and connect with our bodies. Yoga mats will be provided.

Sound Healing

  with 432 Chico Sound Healing

12:45 -

  1:45 pm


Come immerse yourself in healing vibrations. Not only will you hear this event you will also feel it as the vibrations pass through your body affecting you on a cellular level. Participants reported a reduction in stress, pain, and anxiety. As well as feeling more centered, grounded, and relaxed.

Resilient Health

  with Emily Laughlin, Rahasya, & Mary Lisa Wood

2:00 -

  2:30 pm

Addressing physical and mental health needs in the wake of disaster. Representatives from Medspire- a mobile medical unit, Lotus Guide Magazine, and an acupuncturist will discuss self-care and access to health and wellness services in Butte County. 

Fire Safety & Forest Health

  with Cali- Jane, Butte Fire Safe Council

2:45 -   3:30 pm

A discussion on local fire safety and forest health. From ecology to fire-wise home practices. Get informed about how we can co-exist with the reality of our fire-prone landscape.

Housing Solutions

  with Ayama, Alexandra Kriz, & Miguel Elliot

3:45 -

  4:15 pm

Building techniques,materials and community design practices that provide safe, affordable, homes and community spaces. Learn about Earthship homes, The Phoenix Nest, and Living Earth Structures.

Food Security as Homeland Security 

 with Pamm Larry & Mathew Trumm

4:30 -

  5:00 pm

How can Paradise (and Butte County and the North State) create more food sovereignty and resiliency in the face of an increasingly uncertain future? Come have a fun conversation about how we impact the planet every time we eat or drink.

Lessons from Post-Disaster Japan

 with Allen Myers & Annie Mellan

5:00 -

  5:20 pm

Eight years into their recovery, some communities devastated by the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami are thriving and embracing the future. Others are stagnant in their rebuilding. A presentation on rebuilding efforts in Japan and their applications to Paradise.

Dream Together: A Dialogue 

  with Bob Stilger and Poetry by Meg Turner

5:30 -

  6:45 pm

An open conversation to dream and design our shared future in Paradise.


  (Sketch Comedy)

7:00 -     

  7:45 pm


Original Sketch Comedy team from Second City Hollywood. They will offer healing through laughter and play. Team features Paradise native Allen Myers and Chico native Alexander Schwartz as well as David Neale, Ali Pickard, and Michele Simms.


Recovery Way

Resource Expo

Camp Fire

Restoration Project

The goal of The Camp Fire Restoration Project is to support landowners and private and public agencies in environmental and community restoration in the areas affected by the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County, California.


Lotus Guide

Providing cutting-edge information on science, health and services.



We are residents of Butte County, California coming together to combat climate change. Chico 350 aims to raise awareness and empower individuals to take local action toward reducing the effects of climate change.


Camp Fire

Zone Project

The Camp Fire Zone Project is designed by citizens to help citizens. In their roles as zone captains, individuals meet regularly to share rebuilding questions, resources, and needs specific to their community.


Permaculture Action Network

Permaculture Action Network is a continent-wide organization that mobilizes thousands of people to take action on regenerative projects.

We partner with performing artists, cultural events, and a diversity of grassroots groups working toward collective liberation to create days of action and educational spaces in which people regenerate ecosystems and catalyze the movement for a just transition.


Butte County

Fire Safe Council

The Butte County Fire Safe Council provides wildland fire mitigation and recovery services to communities in Butte County, California.


Butte County

Local Food

Our mission is to create a more healthy, just, resilient, regenerative locally-based food system in Butte County.


Paradise Seed

Lending Library

The basic idea is similar to a regular Library, but instead of books we lend seeds. Gardeners "check out" packets of seeds for the varieties of plants & vegetables they wish to grow.


Medspire Health

Providing free, high-quality health care in Camp Fire affected areas.


Coral Apple Foundation

Our mission is to rebuild our town and help others do the same. The name, “Coral” comes from the name of the street the Murray’s lived on day they lost their home and “Apple” is part of the name of the mobile home park where Stephen Murray worked at the time of the fire.


Phoenix Solar Energy

Phoenix Solar Energy Inc.  always rises to the challenge of  converting more homes and businesses to solar energy. We offer premiere . solar panel sales and solar installation with the . latest technology. Phoenix Solar Energy Inc. is headquartered in Chico, CA with offices throughout Northern California.


Boys & Girls Club

of the North Valley

Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley (BGCNV) is a private 501c3 non-profit organization formed in 1995 to provide comprehensive youth development services, activities and programs for youth in the northstate region. It is governed by a local board of volunteer directors, staffed by over 70 youth development professionals and supported by over 500 community volunteers.

David Solnit

David Solnit is a climate justice, global justice, anti-war, arts, and direct action organizer, an author, a puppeteer, and a trainer from the Bay Area. David will offer specially selected screenprinting.


Earthen Bodywork

Annie Mellan is a Massage Therapist based in Nevada County, CA. Annie will be providing massage and herbal tea as a part of Healing Space during the festival.



Our purpose is to help people, organizations, communities and systems navigate the tides of change towards well-being, compassion and deep collaboration. We do this through looking at the current stories in place and gently guiding shifts towards a new way of being. Dr. Bob Stilger of Newstories will  offer dialogue facilitation


432 Sound

Healing Chico

Jesse Spallina VSTCP is a trained practitioner of Vibrational Sound Therapy. He offers private and group . sound healing sessions in Chico, CA. 432 Sound Healing Chico will offer a sound healing session during the festival.



Seeds of Love

SOL is a non-profit working to create the foundation for a healthy and happy community. Projects include tree planting, zero waste, and sustainable home building. SOL's Ayama Dass will share about alternative building practices.


Cinda Larimer

Cinda Larimer is a Camp Fire survivor. She makes yard art out of stuff that survived the same fire.


Photographer Allen Myers creates pop-up photography installations from his explorations around the world.

living earth structures.png

Living Earth Structures

Living Earth Structures has been a leader in the natural building movement for over 20 years. Miguel Cobalot will share his experience in natural building during a housing panel discussion.  He will also offer freshly baked pizza in his mobile cob oven. 

Mora Sounds copy.jpg

Mora Sounds

Entertainment, Sound, Lighting, Recording Studio, & Mobile Recording Services. Based in Paradise, CA.


Sunrise Movement Chico

We're building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.



Kid's Zone


Take home a pumpkin to carve or bake or whatever!

Child Care

Chico State Students will offer supervised child care inside the Terry Ashe children's play space.


Balloons, clowns, bubbles,  and other surprises.




Fiesta Taco

Local Taco truck serving great tasting Mexican food at affordable prices. Fiesta Taco will be cooking up tasty tacos for folks at the festival.

Cob Oven Pizza

Fresh pizza baked on-site in a mobile oven made from earthen cob! Chef/builder Miguel "Cob-a-lot" Elliot will nourish and inspire us.


Healing Space


Paradise native Dr. Emily Laughlin is a trained acupuncturist specializing in trauma care. She will offer community-style acupuncture using needles in the ear. Sign up required. Free of charge.


Come receive

 restorative touch from

Certified Massage Therapists.

Clothing-on table massage,

20-30 minute sessions. 

Sign up required.

Free of charge.

Tea Lounge

Offering home-brewed

herbal tea, a wellness reading room and information on local health program. Cushions, refreshments, conversation, shade...Ahh.

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